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The North Sebago United Methodist Church, located on Route 114, 820 Sebago Road, has been caring for the community since 1903 and we are continuing with this ministry. We are only strangers until we enter the doors of this church; once inside we become friends, brothers and sisters in the community of Christís Holy Church. We are United Methodist in affiliation and ecumenical in spirit. North Sebago United Methodist Church is located within the Mid-Maine District of the New England Annual Conference. We work cooperatively with the other area churches on joint ministries.


Below are some of the ongoing services we offer and/or support:


FOOD PANTRY. The Sebago area food pantry supplies necessary food items for residents in emergency situations. Supported by the area churches, we cooperate in joint fundraisers and encourage individual donations to fund this effort.


RESPONDING TO COMMUNITY EMERGENCIES. When situations arise within the community, we offer support and resources to assist individuals and families in the process of recovery from tragic events.


WORSHIP. Sunday morning worship services are central to the gathered community life of this church. Worship and sermons are Scripturally based, joyful and affirming. Communion, offered on the first Sunday of each month is open to ALL, there are no restrictions for receiving the elements from the Lordís table.


FELLOWSHIP. After worship you are invited to join us for refreshments and fellowship in our new, modern vestry. We are always open to meeting new people and sharing conversations with tourists, visitors, vacationers and residents.


STUDY. Periodic Bible Studies, topical discussions and free movies will be offered, please check the weekly bulletin for details and times.


TOTAL HUMAN CARE. This 13 week course designed by Reverend Wells-Goodwin offers training in a caring ministry and is intended for use in everyday life situations. For more information about this program, contact DanaBeth at the numbers or e-mail listed. For more information, see
Total Human Care


(INTRODUCTION to Total Human Care)
"He helps us in our troubles so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God." (2 Corinthians 1:4)


This is the Scriptural text which is the foundation of Total Human Care. A simple verse from Paulís second letter to the Corinthians expresses how and why we do ministry as Godís people. From here a small group of people gathered in 1976 to add form and substance to discover the necessary training for doing lay ministry in the workplace or wherever folks encountered people in need.


(The concept of "Total Human Care" is an attempt to update and enable the "Priesthood of All Believers" conceived by Martin Luther during the Sixteenth Century... )


RESIDENTIAL WEDDINGS. Couples living in the Sebago area may be joined in marriage by Reverend Wells-Goodwin. Local Maine marriage license must be secured by the couple at the local town office. A minimum of three sessions pre-marital counseling is required and will be done by Rev. Wells-Goodwin. Click here for more information on Residential Weddings.


PASTORAL CARE. Our pastor is available for emergencies or family matters as they may arise during your vacation stay in this area.


Reverend DanaBeth Wells-Goodwin may be reached at 207-452-2596, by cell phone at 207-380-7225 or by e-mail at [email protected].




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